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Civil Rights – Discrimination Liability

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Civil rights violations and discrimination entail a variety of causes of legal action which range from excessive force, wrongful arrest, and other matters involving police misconduct, to employment and other forms of discrimination, to infringement upon rights to free speech and association. Civil rights violations in the media are commonly portrayed as matters premised upon race, but civil rights violations occur in many different contexts and across the complete span of all demographics.

Civil rights litigation is uniquely difficult. On the one hand, cherished rights are at issue making the stakes as high as any rights addressed in the courtroom. Few other rights are so foundational to our freedom that people have given their lives to protect them. On the other hand, government officials (whether police, government agencies, or otherwise) are generally cloaked in, at a minimum, qualified immunity which protects them from a great deal of wrongdoing. Only the most serious violations are permitted to be addressed in a trial. Heightened scrutiny of cases should be considered from the earliest stages of litigation, and the most recent case law on the types of violations at issue must be considered. For any First Amendment lawyer, police misconduct or police brutality lawyer, employment lawyer, or other civil rights lawyer, a premium must be placed on early and thorough evaluation of the complexities of civil rights litigation.

Capron & Edwards covers the following types of civil rights violations law: