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Product Liability

Products Liabilty Law ServicesProducts Liabilty Law Services

Whether the product at issue is a pharmaceutical product, industrial product, household product, business product, or other product, the law imposes an onerous burden on its manufacturers and distributors. Perhaps the most important of these burdens is the implied guarantee that a product will be free from defects that would render it unnecessarily and unforeseeably dangerous.

Injury caused by a defective product while using it for its intended purpose may lead to potential claims for actual and punitive damages. Strict liability applies, but determining who is properly at fault is not always clear. Depending on the type of defect, the responsible parties may include those involved in the design, manufacture, assembly, marketing, or sale of the product. It is particularly important in product liability actions to assess the proper parties in the chain of distribution, and to assess the common law and statutory indemnity rights among those potential defendants.

Product liability law provides the victims of dangerous products with legal recourse for any personal injuries suffered. Capron & Edwards can help.