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Nursing Home Abuse Liability

Nursing Home Abuse / Elder Abuse Lawyer ServicesNursing Home Abuse / Elder Abuse Lawyer Services

With the population of baby-boomers getting older, the nursing home and long-term care business is booming. The increase in elderly population has led to a dramatic increase in both the number of nursing homes, as well as the occupied beds within nursing homes.

Nursing home litigation, often referred to as elder abuse cases or elder neglect cases, most commonly arises from a single source – greed. In light of what are perceived as low reimbursement rates for services, many nursing homes and long-term care facilities seek to boost profits at the expense of the fragile and often helpless patients who, too frequently, fail to report misconduct because of embarrassment, shame or the inability to communicate. Common schemes for cutting corners in nursing home administration are the hiring of unqualified personnel (often with criminal histories), the falsification of medical records and charts, and the failure to attend to the specific needs of individual patients. In a surprising number of cases employees engage in “charting parties” in which the charts for all patients are gathered at one time and progress notes are copied and pasted therein without any relation to services actually provided.

The stress, anxiety and emotional turmoil created when a loved one is the victim of nursing home abuse or elder abuse are always extraordinary. Family members commonly describe both a severe emotional reaction, along with a feeling of helplessness in caring for their loved ones which makes the damage worse. The loss of dignity at the last stages of a loved one’s life is a tragedy that we all would seek to avoid for our loved ones and, eventually, for ourselves.

We aggressively protect the rights of seniors and others who have suffered personal injury because of the improper conduct of nursing or convalescent home personnel. We handle all types of nursing home negligence and abuse claims, including cases involving:

To remedy damages caused by nursing home abuse and neglect choose an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer. While nursing home abuse or elderly abuse cases generally involve common and well-known legal theories, it is important that any lawyer handling a nursing home abuse case know how to spot charting fraud and other common evidence of abuse. It is also important that any nursing home abuse or elder abuse lawyer know how to listen. An empathetic ear is essential to learning the story of those who have been damaged, and to sorting through the emotion to get to the critical facts of the case.