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First Amendment Liability

First Amendment Lawyer ServicesFirst Amendment Lawyer Services

The first ten amendments to the United States Constitution – the Bill of Rights – is the source of our most cherished freedoms and liberties. Chief among the rights afforded by the constitution are those guaranteed by the First Amendment, including the rights to free speech, freedom of religion and freedom of assembly.

First Amendment law entails a variety of types of people, including journalists, news organizations and individuals. It also entails a variety of types of claims, including libel, slander, false light, and invasion of privacy, as well as the litigation of deprivations of First Amendment rights by government officials.

Like other civil rights litigation, experience matters. Principals for Capron & Edwards have defended mass media outlets in cases involving journalists alleged to have engaged in defamation, and have successfully prosecuted a loss of First Amendment rights case for a substantial class of Medicaid providers of behavioral health services to the mentally ill who fell victim to government retaliation when they formed a political action group and petitioned the State legislature for changes. Stephen J. Capron was also involved in counseling a major television outlet in the formation of policies and procedures for broadcasting a newly developed news program. Cases involving the internet and online publications are now on the rise and present unique circumstances which have the potential to create new law in areas not previously contemplated or litigated. If you have a First Amendment issue, talk to an experienced First Amendment lawyer to be certain you have a full and fair evaluation from the earliest possible stage of your case.