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Capron & Edwards, PLLC is a purely litigation law firm formed in 2005 by Stephen J. Capron and Michael J. Edwards. From the moment we accept assignment of any case, we are geared towards preparing to take the case to trial. Every step of our process is designed to develop a case for an honest, accurate and thorough jury trial.

All too often lawyers take a case promising aggressive litigation, only to run out of steam late in the game and recommend settlement as an easy way out. From day one of any case, we set our sites on trial, not allowing ourselves or our client to run out of steam. In the event of settlement negotiations, we consider ourselves to be in the best possible position to discuss settlement when the case has been properly prepared for trial. ​With extensive experience in jury trials and appellate work throughout Oklahoma and in federal courts from coast to coast, Capron & Edwards provides exceptional legal representation throughout a variety of areas of practice. We pride ourselves on incomparable personal attention to our clients, unparalleled case assessment and development, and on our commitment to finish every case as strongly as we started it. We work closely with our clients to build the most thorough and compelling cases possible.

​While we handle a broad range of litigation, Capron & Edwards focuses its practice on employment law, products liability, catastrophic injury cases, nursing home/elderly abuse, insurance bad faith, wrongful death, trucking and transportation cases. Our practice stretches throughout Oklahoma with an emphasis on Tulsa County, Muskogee County, Creek County and Rogers County. We also work in all federal courts in Oklahoma, the federal court for the Northern District of Texas, the federal court for the Western District of Arkansas, and the Eighth and Tenth Circuit Courts of Appeals.


Capron & Edwards, PLLC is a purely litigation firm. From the moment we accept assignment of any case, we are geared towards preparing to take that case to trial. Every step of our process is designed to develop a case for presentation to a jury.

Areas of Practice

Trucking Liability

Trucking Liability

Few everyday occurrences can so dramatically and tragically affect ordinary people as trucking collisions. As do law enforcement agencies, at Capron & Edwards law offices of Tulsa, Oklahoma, we avoid the designation of a trucking "collision" as a trucking "accident" because "accident" implies unavoidability or a lack of culpability.

Trucking Liability

Product Liability

Whether the product at issue is a pharmaceutical product, industrial product, household product, business product, or other product, the law imposes an onerous burden on its manufacturers and distributors.

Trucking Liability

Civil Rights Litigation

Civil rights violations and discrimination entail a variety of causes of legal action which range from excessive force, wrongful arrest, and other matters involving police misconduct, to employment and other forms of discrimination, to infringement upon rights to free speech and association.

Trucking Liability

Insurance Liability

Insurance companies owe a duty to act fairly and in good faith with their individual insureds at all times under Oklahoma law. At the same time, and less frequently recognized, insureds must deal fairly and in good faith with their insurers.

Trucking Liability

Catastrophic Injury / Wrongful Death

Catastrophic injuries and wrongful death can occur from a number of causes, including trucking "accidents", propane explosions and other fires, extreme negligence or recklessness, or any dangerous activity.

Trucking Liability

Nursing Home / Elder Abuse

With the population of baby-boomers getting older, the nursing home and long-term care business is booming. The increase in elderly population has led to a dramatic increase in both the number of nursing homes, as well as the occupied beds within nursing homes.